It seems like...

...your kid is a zebra. so what ?!

Well, you may look at a lot of his/her zebra attitudes with a fresh look now. They may seem to make more sense. Tantrums, constant opposition, non-stop questioning and need to understand what’s happening or how things work, urge for justice, aversion to certain fabrics or odors or noises, hyper empathy etc. Those are part of a VERY large and diverse package that comes, nicely personalized, with every zebra. You are grateful for that, I know. First things first: I feel you. I know how lonely we can feel in front of our zebra’s suffering or misunderstanding of what they are, just to name one. This is where Zebra Parenting comes from: my will to provide a kind space to talk about your parenting struggles, but above all, help you find solutions.

What can Zebra Parenting do for you?

I have created different programs to help you create the parenting style that will work both for you and your zebras. Let me introduce the main components:

coaching sessions: a safe space to share anything you have the urge to talk about. Every coaching session will end up with your own action plan to address whatever was bothering you.

coaching toolbox: it is like Mary Poppins’ special purse. This is exactly what it claims to be: a toolbox. You will like some tools, hate others, some will work with one kid and not the other, some will work better some days than others… But at least, you will be equipped!

follow-up exercises: those are a major component of this program. Those exercises aim at developing your awareness on who you are and what you want or to understand better why you react the way you do. Some of them can be done with or about your zebra(s). At the end of the program, they will constitute a gold mine where you will be happy to go back when needed.

Introspection is good but if no action follows, it is just unnecessary struggling.

What makes ZEBRA PARENTING offer unique


Based on your own parenting style, we will co-create tools that you can immediately use in your day-to-day relationship with your zebra.


Zebra Parenting offers programs and not only individual coaching sessions for that purpose. The exercises are designed to target specific topics and help you get results that will last.


This is what coaching is about: help you realize that you are the expert in your life and that you just need some help to remember that.


Those programs are made for you AND your zebra(s). We will work together without forgetting that the changes you will make in your parenting will (positively) affect your zebra and your parenting partner(s).


As we begin the program, I will tell you what you have to do and when you have to do it. I will follow up and leave you my notes on the work we do together. We will follow the same method all through the program because this is how you will get results.


I do not compromise with the time I spend with my clients. You can be sure that every program has been carefully prepared to give you the very best service your family deserves.

What you should expect

The Zebra Parenting programs
require you to:

You already are the expert, you just need an extra help.

find the offer that meets your needs

One zebra offer

5 one on one 45 minutes coaching sessions to find the hand-made solution to what is getting in your way with your zebra $800

Two zebras offer

8 one on one 45 minutes coaching sessions, coaching toolbox, follow-up exercises, a 45 minutes wrap-up session for you and your zebra(s) $1,600

Zebra herd offer

8 one on one 45 minutes coaching sessions, coaching toolbox, follow-up exercises, 2 one on one 45 minutes coaching sessions for your co-parent, a 45 minutes parents coaching session and 1 wrap-up session for you and each of your zebra(s) (up to 3) $2,200

Little Zebra offer

8 one on one 30 minutes coaching sessions for your little zebra, a 45 minutes wrap-up session for you and your zebra $1,000

Teenage Zebra offer

8 one on one 45 minutes coaching sessions for your teenage zebra, coaching toolbox, a 45 minutes wrap-up session for you and your zebra $1,600


ELI assessment $300 per assessment

Frequently asked questions

Let’s begin with the $1,000,000 question and put it straight: coaching and therapy are not interchangeable. Their goals are different, their benefits are different, and their approach is different. Therefore, there is no competition between coaches and therapists, hence, working together can maximize the well-being of their clients/patients.

Coaching is:

  • orientated on solution & capacity for change
  • achievement-focused/ goal-oriented
  • co-created, clients are viewed as already having the answers, just not knowing, or not daring putting them in practice
  • short-term
  • clarifying for clients


Coaching is not:

  • a medical or licensed profession
  • based on a diagnosis
  • treating mental health
  • covered by insurance and health saving accounts
  • confidentiality not protected by law but only by the profession code of ethics


Therapy is:

  • typically retrospective, “why” oriented
  • theory-driven
  • typically generated through illness or dysfunction
  • diagnostic
  • healing for maladaptive behaviors / recovery from past traumas / relieving psychological suffering
  • practitioner seen as an authority
  • licensing is required by law and practice limited to a single state in the USA
  • sometimes covered by insurance
  • confidentiality, with certain limitations, is protected by law
This is the second $1,000,000 question. The word “zebra” for gifted kids was first used by a French psychologist, Jeanne Siaud-Facchin and I love it because it is less emotionally charged than “gifted”, “high potential’, “rapid learner” or “talented”. There is no notion of success, of a potential that needs to be developed, no promise, to pressure when you hear the term zebra. There is nevertheless an idea of something, different, outstanding in a way, and this is how human-zebras are.
We are talking about changing parenting habits, and they may be hard to get rid of. It will greatly depend on your mindset: you need to be ready to question your parenting, to give a chance to new ideas, to try and to fail. Some methods will work well on some kids and not at all with others. This is a journey, and the first steps are always the most difficult. Nevertheless, the packages have been designed to give you enough time to learn the tools, test some of them and debrief together about the results.
Depending on the package you chose, I may send you some written material designed to be used and debrief with a coach. If you disclose the material without the coaching expertise, the people you are willing to help may not experience the results you were expecting for them. So, trust the process and recommend the program to anyone you think would benefit from it!
Never too early to take care of your zebra!
Never too late to try something new for your zebra!
Those programs were created to be effective and show even more results than individual coaching sessions. I invite you to contact me so we can discuss it further and find a solution that will work for you.

I will be thrilled to talk about the possibility to organize seminars or group coaching for those publics.

Because your opinion matters

I’ll be more than happy to read from you