Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to strike up a conversation about how Zebra Parenting could help you. You are doing the most difficult (and unpaid) job in the world, let’s talk about it! 


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Frequently asked questions

I can coach in English, French and Italian but the written materials and website are only in English, for the time being.
Of course not! We will always find a solution to schedule our coaching sessions.
No problem at all: my payment solution allows you to pay in your own currency.
I work mainly remotely but will be more than happy to work face to face, pandemic and geography permitting.
The upfront payment of the entire program is not only convenient for me, it has proved to be a real source of motivation for my clients. As soon as the program is paid for, people get more engaged and determined to make it work. I’ll be happy to discuss this matter with you privately.