Family Mission Statement

The first exercise I ask my clients to do before our first session is to make a value assessment. They pick ten values and range them from 1, being the most important for them, to 10.                        
I have already written about the importance to live by your values ( so it makes sense to me to ask my clients getting some clarity about their own values.

But, what about your family’s values? This weekend, I asked my two kids (8 and 10) and my husband to take this assessment with me. We often assume that, because we are married, because we live together, we share the same values. But when each of us shared its list, this was not without surprises…

We took turns to explain why those values where so important for us, as individuals. Then, we decided to keep the ones we had in common to create our family mission statement. We then brainstormed about which actions to take to be true to them. Indeed, knowing our values was only the first step. We had to think about how we wanted them to materialize in our daily life. It was a priceless exercise.

This mission statement is what we want to create together, for one another and for the community. Because it was not imposed on the children, they feel more engaged to be true to it.

We know which values we want to live by. The fun starts now!

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