Back to school! (late post… I know!)

And they are back to school… Every new school year comes with the classical questions: will they be with their friends, or will they make friends? Will they adapt easily to their new environment? Wil they be able to do all their out-of-school activities? Will they like their teachers?

Those are the questions that lots of parents have every year. When you have zebras, you have a bunch of other questions that pop-up into your mind: do I have to meet the teachers to explain my children’s particularities? How do I talk about this? Do I use the word “gifted”, “special”, “sensitive”? How can I communicate efficiently with the teachers to create a real partnership? I don’t want to seem like I want to teach them their own job, and at the same time, I know what does not work with my kid from experience… How do I do that? Should I meet the teacher or the administration, or both? Will they be able to meet my kid’s needs?

Should I go on?! I’m pretty sure it does resonate with some of y’all… The good news is you are not alone! Second good news: there is no right answer to those questions! There are some things that are worth doing and some traps you definitely want to avoid but there is no one-size-fits-all way to face this back-to-school time. Just for anything else, you will have to find your own blend.

You think you may need help with that? Or do you have strategies you would like to share with the herd? We would love to know!

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Bérengère Ferrari

Bérengère Ferrari

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