The power of listening

I had the opportunity to join some “community circles” lately. The concept is easy: you meet up with some people from your community, family, co-workers, etc., and you share anything you want. It can be one sentence, it can last 5 minutes, there is no obligation to share, there is nothing you cannot talk about. People share their pain, their small or big victories, their doubts. As a member of the community circle, what you have to do is LISTEN. Period. No answer, no opinion, no advice. You are just here to hold space and listen.

Every time I join a community circle, I cry. And the best part of it is that I usually have no idea what I will share until I decide to take my turn. On top of that, when I join the circle, I do not have the sensation that I have things that I should let go of. I try to be really focused on my feelings, being true to myself and others, listening to my body signals and yet, at the end of every community circle, I ask myself why I cried and why I hadn’t noticed that I was holding something. I guess the answer lays in just that simple thing: listening. During those circles, you know you will not get any answer, any championing, any acknowledgement, any “I know what you feel”. The space we hold for each other unleashes lots of emotions and this is sometimes the only thing you need.

I invite you to try that in your life, with your zebra, of course, but also with your friends, partner etc. Next time someone shares something important with you, ask them if they expect any answer or if they only need someone to hold space for them. The results for both of you will be amazing, I promise.

Have you ever experienced something similar? Do you do that with your zebra? Tell us more!

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Bérengère Ferrari

Bérengère Ferrari

Certified professional coach but also a zebra, sister of zebras, mother of zebras, aunt of zebra, cousin of zebras and… friend of many zebras. Told you: we are a herd!

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