You Are Creating That Intensity

Happy International Yoga Day!

I have two main constant sources of inspiration, and opportunity to grow: my zebras and yoga. Yesterday, I was taking a vinyasa powerful flow class. For you fellow readers who have no idea what I am talking about, let me quote what my yoga studio, Big power Yoga Houston, says about it: “full spectrum yoga practice that will leave your whole body, mind, and spirit feeling strong, revitalized, energized, and restored. We promise you will sweat, work hard, let go, and finish connected to how powerful you are”. Trust me, they keep their promise…

At a certain point during the class, when I was honestly struggling with how hard it was, my teacher said “don’t be afraid of the intensity. The intensity of the practice is not happening to you, you are the one creating it. So be grateful and feel how powerful you are”. It didn’t change the intensity of the posture, it didn’t make it easier, but it made it lighter. Knowing that I was the one responsible for what was happening to me made me feel powerful.

This is something I often face with my clients: you feel powerless when you think that things are happening to you, that you have no control over it. If there are things that we have little or no control over, like a pandemic (very original example, I know…), we always control one thing: the way we want to respond. To go back to my yoga class, I was the one creating the intensity, I was the only one who could choose what I wanted to do with it.

When you are at choice, you feel much more involved and ready to take the appropriate action than when you feel like a victim. Never forget that you have this power.

How does it resonate with you? Do you often feel like things are happening to you and that you are out of control? Let us know! Share with the herd!

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