Silenzio Bruno!

Last week, we have watched the Pixar Movie Luca. Being unable to go back to Italy for two years now, it was a real feel-good moment. But the best surprise of the movie was a coaching moment.

One of the characters is afraid of doing something he considers frightening. His friend tells him to say “Silenzio Bruno!”. He explains that every time he is afraid of doing something, there is this little voice in his head that needs to be shushed. He calls this voice “Bruno”. Throughout the movie, Luca will face his fears saying “Silenzio Bruno!” and move on.

This is one of the things I have learned in my coaching training with Ipec*. We say the voice in your head is a gremlin (you are more than welcome to give it a name if you want. And a shape. Mine looks is the crazy rooster on the picture.). Your gremlin is here to keep you play it safe. It can tell you “you are not good enough”, “you do not deserve it”, “who do you think you are kidding?”. Name it. We all have one. We just need to listen carefully. It prevents us from moving on and take risks.

Knowing your gremlin, hearing when it speaks and deciding whether you want to listen to it, is an amazing tool. You can even begin with “Silenzio Bruno”, that works pretty well!

So, what does your gremlin look like? What does it tell you? Share with the herd!

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* This piece contains my interpretation of the copyrighted work of Bruce D Schneider and iPEC.

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