If that Happened Once, It Will Happen Again

This week, my son spilled half of the family fruit smoothy trying to put some in his glass. As he was cleaning up, I heard him say “This is the last time I do it!”. I asked him what he meant, and he told me that, if he could not do it right this time, he will never be able to do it right. Half an hour later, his sister asked for her fruit smoothy and I asked my son to pur it. He did it without a spill this time and was so proud of him.

We make generalities over a single event. Nobody likes to fail so it makes sense that we don’t want to try again. Imagine a baby learning how to walk. He/she fells hundreds of times before he/she gets it. If babies used negative assumptions as we often do, nobody would know how to walk!

We do not make the same assumptions for success though… We rarely think “because it worked well once, it will always be this way”. We know it could go either way, but we are more willing to try because the first attempt went well. No logic here. Only mindset.

So next time something doesn’t go as planned, be like a baby: try again.

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