Practice is the key

Hyper-sensibility. Some people consider it one of the main characteristics of zebras. I will not enter into any debate, but I can say is my zebras are. And one of them has the harder time finding the correct reaction to his emotions. People often say, “he is still immature”. In fact, neuroscience proved (Neuroscience of Giftedness: Increased brain areas associated with emotional processing – Gro-Gifted) that the emotional zone in zebra’s brain is triggered faster and more vividly than for non-zebra people. So, his reactions are often out of the norm. I know he tries really hard in school to keep everything “under control” and it is simply exhausting for him.

Lately, he developed a new strategy: avoidance. When he feels something is too big for him to handle, he escapes from it. This strategy is actually often used by parents who don’t want to deal with tantrums. It does work in the short term, but… you cannot escape from Life. I decided to propose him another strategy which is to face the situation and find a coping mechanism. We have dozens of opportunities everyday: his sister teasing him, the Italian national soccer team facing penalties in the Euro 2020 final, an exercise he does not understand, etc. I encourage him to face it. And decide how to react. It is hard and often frustrating for him, and for us. Yet, home is the best place to practice because he knows he will not be judged but will always be loved, whatever reaction he may have.

Mastering hyper sensibility has nothing to do with age. It only takes practice.

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Bérengère Ferrari

Bérengère Ferrari

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